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youth ministry


Much like the Children's Ministry, the youth are guided into learning how to seek God's heart and presence from the deep of their spirits, and to find new places of surrender and personal encounter with Him. We use worship and soaking prayer time, along with intercession for one another and social issues, to allow each youth to personally engage in this. We delve into Scriptures and Bible doctrines and engage in discussion and practical application to their daily lives. We seek to help the youth into authentic, wholistic walks with God that start from a place of genuine intimacy with Him, and with sound biblical principles. In this, we aim for the youth to experience His grace for themselves, and His heart for others in need.

We also periodically partner with other youth and organizations to create service and social opportunities for our youth. We believe this will lead to the discovery of the youth's calling and purpose, learning to use and share what we have in Christ with people around us with God's compassion. We also foster leadership and creative development with youth-led church clubs and participation in seasonal projects and activities.

We ultimately want to see our youth truly know God from within their spirit, know and love His word, and have a heart of empathy broken where God's heart is broken for people and the world. They will find their true identity and citizenship is in the family and kingdom of God, as sons and daughters, and servants.